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Review: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm continuing with writing reviews for all of the books in the Sherlock Holmes canon. Now is the turn of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes!

A Scandal in Bohemia:

Plot: The King of Bohemia comes to Holmes to ask him for help because an ex-lover he had owns a picture of him and her that can compromise his reputation.

Opinion: Kick-ass female! Irene Adler might be the best woman in literature. She's the only one who manages to leave Holmes for a fool and ruin his plans. Ha! Ha! I love Holmes, but I love "the woman" more.

The Adventure of the Red-Headed League:

Plot: A red-headed man sees a newspaper add that's offering work in a company, but the condition to apply is that you're red-headed. He gets the job because his hair is the perfect tone. Some time after he starts to works there, the society dissolves. Why? Let Holmes answer the questions.

Opinion: I admit I guessed the answer for this story before Holmes revealed it. It's not a predictable story, but I followed the facts and got the answer. Holmes, I'm talking to you. Take. My. Application. As. Your. Assistant. I'm much better than Watson!

A Case of Identity:

Plot: A woman's fiance disappeared just when they were going to marry and she's worried. She goes to Holmes, and before she finishes her tale, he already has an idea as to the answer of her problem...

Opinion: I'm only going to laugh hysterically. Remember the case's name, for it is crucial if you want to get the answer before Holmes reveals it.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery:

Plot: A man has been murdered and his son is suspected. Holmes does not think the man's son did it, but that would require to investigate more...

Opinion: Woosh... The backstory in this case was creepy and compelling. At all points in the narration, I was feeling thrilled and I couldn't stop reading until the riddle was finally solved.

The Five Orange Pips:

Plot: A young gentleman receives a card signed by the K.K.K. with five orange pips contained in it. He goes to Holmes because some other strange things started to happen and he fears he's in danger.

Opinion: This one was a little meh. DON'T GET ME WRONG, it was good, just not as good as the other ones. Holmes' solution to the problem is quite simple, but I couldn't help but think "Take that, you assholes!" (the asshole is not Holmes, in case you were wondering).

The Man with the Twisted Lip:

Plot: A woman's husband disappeared, and the last time she saw him was in an opium den. When the man noticed her, he immediately withdrew from a window in which he could be seen. She obviously felt something was off, so she ran to the window, but when she got there, the man was nowhere to be seen.

Opinion: Clever, clever, clever... This one started really dark, but then started to clear off a little. I really enjoyed this one. Holmes, as usual, has the answer before the lady has her tale finished. Clever, as I said.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle:

Plot: A priceless jewel has gone missing and there's no clue as to where it is. Holmes finds an old hat and a goose, but inside that goose was the lost blue carbuncle. How did it get there? Who was the thief? That's the question.


That's all I'm gonna say!

The Adventure of the Speckled Band:

Plot: A lady's step-father urges her to move to a house. In this certain house, the lady's sister had died a terrible death, so the lady is obviously frightened.

Opinion: AMAZING. I think this is the best one in this collection. Full of mystery... and it also has a wicked man with wicked purposes...

The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb:

Plot: We all know Watson is a doctor, so he's constantly attenting his patients. Well, one night, a man without a thumb came to him. This man has an interesting story to tell, and he's about to give Holmes one hell of a case.

Opinion: Mein. Gott. This one, besides having mystery and a full pack of thrill, also had a chase and many action and kick-ass scenes. I truly enjoyed it. One of the best in this collection. *thumbs up*

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor:

Plot: A lady disappears on her wedding day. Her fiance asks Holmes for his help because he's worried and he wonders why she left... but Holmes of course knows what became of her.

Opinion: For you, noble bachelor:

The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet:

Plot: A man must guard a coronet, but one night, a noise awakens him when he goes to see what happened, he finds his son with the coronet in his hands... and with three of the beryls missing. Is he guilty? Where are the beryls? Why would he do that?

Opinion: One advice for you, humans: If Holmes tells you something, never argue with him. He's always right.

The Adventure of the Copper Beeches:

Plot: A young beautiful lady is offered a job with good payment, but she has to cut her hair in order to accept. She's puzzled but after her salary offer is raised, she finally accepts. At her job, she's asked to do weird things, so she decides to ask Holmes' advice (she had previously asked him whether she should accept or not the offer), for he's also supicious.

Opinion: I've just one thing to say: The family for which Miss Hunter worked is weird... and creepy. Seriously, they made me shudder and they also made me think "WTF?" all the time. I never saw any of the things coming.


So well, did I think this was good?

Hell yeah! This was absolutely amazing, just as all of the Sherlock Holmes's stories. They're all thrilling and well-written. I have no complaints for any of them. That should tell you something, because I always have something bad to say for things.

Now, marry me, Holmes!

Mmm... charming.

100% recommended. If you have not read this, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? THIS IS THE BOMB!

P.S.: Wow, imagine if all the fictional characters to which I've proposed marriage accepted...

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