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Review: The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

My rating:

Mr. Yancey, you're an awesome writer. Really, you are. The Infinite Sea was very good, I'm serious. But, umm, I still think The Monstrumologist is your best work.

After reading both The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea and also The Monstrumologist series, I can see clearly that you have no faith in humanity. The message in both series is explicit: You think humanity is already rotten and it has no way back. Anyway, this is a review about The Infinite Sea, so I'll talk about that...

Even when The Monstrumologist is the best book I've read by him, I still enjoyed The Infinite Sea. It was a little slow at the beginning, but then, the second half of the book was like:

And I was like this:

So, was good.

But I have to discuss some other things, for instance, Cassie...

My God! Cassie really annoyed me in this book. She was always sulking over Evan. I mean, this was Cassie throughout the book:

Evan, she means...

And the whole time, while she was like that, I was like this:

But she wasn't the centre of this book. I mean, the book was narrated in many (many) POV's, so she was a very little part of the story.

There's another character I want to discuss, that is Ringer. Holy Mother of God. I loved her. Since the first book, she was my favorite. She's really badass and intelligent and strong and and and...she's amazing.


And then, the thing about the aliens...

OH. MY. GOD. Rick Yancey, how on Earth could you do that? No aliens? I mean, no freaking aliens? So we humans are thatdepraved? Not that I think the contrary, but still, that was completely mind-blowing.

I remember, in The Monstrumologist, that same thing. Will Henry said that the only monster that plagues Earth is the human race, not the things he and Dr. Warthrop hunted, and that there are no monsters, only men. And now, there are no aliens, only men. Wow.


So, yeah, you really have a bad view on humanity.


And then...the writing. I don't even know how he does that, but he really knows how to write. In my review about The Book Thief I said I envied Markus Zusak's writing (not that I don't anymore), but just thinking about Rick Yancey's writing makes me want to cry over myself because it is very very difficult for me to write something decent. And to think he can introduce an amazing plot with a good bunch of philosophizing doesn't make it any better. I adore hate you, Mr. Yancey. Now, I've made the decision to read more of your books... But actually, I made it after I finished reading the heart-breaking, soul-crushing, mind-blowing and amazing series called The Monstrumologist.

Well, I don't know what else to write, sum up, The Infinite Sea was a very good book. A bit slow at the beginning, but fast-paced then. Still, I think Rick Yancey at his best is in The Monstrumologist. I just wish that series was the one who won the popularity, because I feel I'm the only one who has read it. Anyway, I really recommend The Infinite Sea (as well as The 5th Wave), but maybe you have already read it, so, instead, you can read The Monstrumologist. Okay, no more fangirling.

100% recommended.

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