Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Maze Runner is one of those books that keep you intrigued right from the beginning. I liked it very much and, in my opinion, it was the best book in the series. This book has a particular sentimental meaning for me: It was the book that started with my passion for reading books. After I read this one, I wanted to read more and more books, for this reason I give some credit to it.

Fast-paced action and full-thrilling moments is what characterizes The Maze Runner. But as most books, it is not perfect. I had many issues while reading it:

First of all, the writing is not very good, I'm not saying it's bad, although it does not convince me. It was lacked of sentiment and it felt the same during the book.

Secondly, the characters. They are not lovable. Thomas, who is the protagonist doesn't emanates that thing that makes protagonists lovable? (I really don't know how to put into words why I didn't like him). The author wants to portrait him as innocent, but I don't see him as that, I only see him stupid (sorry if you fancy him). Theresa is stupid too, she is supposed to be strong, as she is the only [important] female in the book (and one out of two in the whole series). She is manipulative and opportunist, maybe that might not be bad if you are surrounded by a group of sixty teenage boys and you are the only female, so I do not complain about that. The only character I learned to "love" was Minho. Sarcastic and brutally honest, Minho accomplishes to be the only character to whom I developed some kind of affection. Oh, I almost forgot, I did love one character, Chuck, but we know that he dies, heroically, I must admit. I think he was the bravest among that group of people.

Third, I don't understand how the boys couldn't figure out how to get out of the labyrinth, I mean, it was pretty obvious to me, and that when they were supposed to be the most brilliant guys in the country, now imagine if they were idiotic.

Finally, the ending happens way too fast. In a moment they are running from the Grievers and the next one they are out of the WICKED facilities and in a bus.

And now that I mention WICKED...WICKED? What a name for a company! I was like "REALLY!? Are you effing kidding me?" when I knew what the acronym meant, which is bad, also. World In Chaos: Killzone Experiment Department.


Anyway, I know that I sound like I didn't like this book, but I enjoyed it. I never gets you bored, you will want to read until the end and it leaves you with the feeling of emptiness (cliff-hanging end).

Useless fact number I-don't-know: It was also the book that started with my brother'spassion tolerance for books, so it has a special meaning for him too.

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