Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review: The Selection

The Selection by Kiera Cass

My rating: 1 of 5 stars this one of those books that people read it just because of the cover or because it really interest them? It seems to me that it is the first one, I don't know, just saying.

I didn't read it because of the plot. For me, it sounded boring right from the beginning, and I had no expectations (neither good nor bad) of this book. That might be a reason why I didn't rate this with one or two stars: Because something that you don't expect to be good can't really disappoint you, does it?

Anyway, while reading this, I realised that not everything tagged as a "dystopia" is indeed a dystopia. You may think it is all exciting since it says that there is this city in which classes are divided by numbers, and the higher number, the worse your situation. So there comes our hero! America Singer! (guess what her special talent was? Yes! You're right! She sings! *rolls eyes*) She's in love with this guy that is lower than her, and marrying him would cause her to descend a level (hmm, that sounds like something that would happen in the medieval time, but, the story is set in the future)

And that was supposed to be all tragic. And then, when her boyfriend leaves her so she can have a good future and he insists her that she signs for The Selection "for her own good"...

Now, let's get serious.

I hated the characters. America, who is supposed to be the "kickass female" in the book, is just a stupid girl slightly hidden under a layer of stubborness. Maxon is not lovable! And really, we aren't in the Middle Age! Our present cannot transform into that reality of the book! Not in a million years! People can choose who to marry, and also, choose who to marry in the way of a competition? Really, are they in a Miss Universe contest?

Uh-oh! I'm starting to get mad...

If I hated it this much, why in first place did I rate it three stars? Well, it was at the time, entertaining. But you also have to understand that when I read this, I read books without really thinking. I mean, I read just to read. I never questioned what I was reading, so most of my ratings were high. That explains it.

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