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Review: The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had left this aside for a while because I didn't know what to write, but now I have an idea...

So..."The Three Musketeers" is about these four men (who met in the most hilarious situations) and their adventures. I wouldn't say there is a single plot in the book, since it addresses many issues.

Meet the Musketeers:

1) D'Artagnan: We all know he is the one out of the place here, he is not a Musketeer, just a wanna-be. The youngest of them all. Reckless and charming.

2) Athos: He is the eldest. Seems kind of immune to love but we know he is not...I mean, he was married to Milady (holy mother of God! Milady! I'll get to that later...) and is like a father to D'Artagnan.

3) Pothos: He is a little proud ("a little" I say, haha) and vain.

4) Aramis: Wants to become a priest. He is cautious talks very little and is very organized.

Now, meet the villains:

1) Cardenal Richelieu: I like him, although I don't think he is the real "bad guy", I know he is the one who plans everything but, still, I think the greatest villain is Milady.

2) Milady: Oh, God! I love her! She is to describe her...? Ah, I know, badass? Perhaps that's not the best word to describe her, but she is a perfect femme-fatale, seductive When she seduced Felton! And he was warned! Now imagine what she would do to obtain something from a man that doesn't know a thing about her. and so fierce. I love her as a woman and as a villain. And we thought she was the victim when Comte de Winter was shouting at her...hahaha, no.

3) Rochefort: The man with the scar. The one who stole D'Artagnan's letter of recommendation. Another of Richelieu's minions.

There were some funny parts In the war, when the Musketeers were having breakfast and some guys come to interrupt them and Athos goes out and tells them to hold fire until they had finished xD, I couldn't contain my laugh xD and also sad ones When Madame Bonacieux died, I was really sad by D'Artagnan's was so heart-breaking to imagine him crying like that...

Also, if you think the Musketeers were a group of perfect gentlemen, then you're wrong: They like drinking, betting and they enjoy putting up a fight, even (or specially, I should say) with the Cardinal's guards.

Read it, you will certainly enjoy it. It's not a light read but it's good enough to haunt you.

All for one, and one for all!

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