Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Review: Carrie

Carrie by Stephen King

My rating:

Carrie White has been bullied her entire life, and the fact that her mother is a victim of religious mania doesn't help her situation. The story starts when she gets her first period in a locker at school. Her classmates reaction is to throw her tampons and Kotex. At this moment of the narration, Carrie had already won my heart.

I felt a terrible pity for her. First because ones first period is not a grateful experience; second because getting it while your classmates are seeing you must be very embarrasing; and thirdly because the fact that they laughed at her was completely humiliating. I might hate some people, but I would neverhumiliate them like this. How dare they do this to a girl that hadn't even done anything to them?

Anyway, after this horrible experience, she gradually begins to discover and control her TK powers... until they reach a climax at her prom night.

The narration follows two storylines. One is the “present”, which is written by ways of newspapers, interviews and books; and the other is the “past”, in which the events of the prom and Carrie's school life is narrated in an omniscient way.

Bullying and its consequences is the main theme in the book. I've never approved bullying. For me, bullying is cowardice. Making fun at people is not okay; and laughing at them to the point of ruining their lives is even worse. You don't know how that person's life is. 

The main emotion I felt while reading this was anger, not horror. I mean, the prom night was scary, but the book in general was not. I was angry because of what Carrie's classmates did to her, angry at Carrie's mother, at Carrie's teachers etc.

I was surprised at how fast-paced and easy to read this book was, and also, at how incredibly short it is. I mean, comparing it to SK book length standards, it is a miniature. I also have to consider the fact that this was SK's first published book, but anyway, it was short (and my enjoyment for it made it feel even shorter). Oh, but do not get fooled. It may seem short (and it is), but it was a powerful read.

This book will leave you feeling anger, sadness, pity and horror at the same time. The first emotion is left by Carrie's tormentors, and the other three by Carrie herself. The fact that it left me feeling like that made me like the book even more, because if I am completely indifferent after reading something, it means I will rate it with 2 stars, but this is definitely not a 2-star book.

Truly recommended.


  1. I've always wanted to read this one ever since I watched the movies (the old and the more recent one). I also remember feeling so angry at the people who mistreated her and bullied and humiliated her. I bet the book magnifies it even more!

    Faye @ The Social Potato

    1. Yes, the feeling of anger and hatred was very intense. It got to the point where I almost refused to continue reading because I was almost insane. You should give it a try! It's very short. I read it in one day.