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Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

My rating:

There's no way to properly review this thing, so I'm just gonna tell you how I met the Harry Potter series...

There was a little girl named Vanessa who always wanted to do the contrary to what people wanted her to do. If she had a chore to do, she would do it as long as they let her alone. If mom or dad or one of her brothers or her sister or anyone in her family told her to do it, she would immediately refuse, because she takes no orders. She's her own boss.

As she was like that, then if something was popular, she would not do/read/watch/whatever it. Well, there was this particular little series that everyone had read. It had movies and everyone loved them.

Do you know what she did? She promised herself she would never read them. She had already watched the movies (the ones that were out) and she rather liked them, but she would not touch the books, because doing so would mean she was just like everyone else, and she was special (yeah, I was that arrogant).

Some years later.

October 15th, 2011.

It was a gray day and it was her brother's birthday. Mother wanted to gift his son something that he would enjoy, but not videogames or stuff like that. She wanted something with more educational value - say, a book.

Mother knew Vanessa's brother liked the HP movies (up until the sixth one), and as there was a book fair at his school (which was mine too), and the books upon which the movies were based were there. She bought the first and gave it to his son for his birthday.

Some of her mother's friend had also given Vanessa's brother several of the other boks in the series. It seemed as if they had planned the whole thing.

Of course Vanessa thought there was a hidden purpose there. She thought her mother had bought the books so she wouldn't resist on picking them (I told you I was arrogant, didn't I?).

She was wrong. That was not her mother's purpose, but in the end, Vanessa couldn't resist the pull. She wanted and didn't want to read the books.

Wanted them for some reasons:

· She had always been intrigued by them.
· She was the reader in the house. She couldn't stand the fact that her brother (who hated - and still hates - reading) was going to read more books than her (don't even tell me).
· A "friend" of hers was bragging she had read the HP books in less than one week and she wanted to prove her she could do the same.

Didn't want them for some reasons:

· Reading them would mean she was a common girl (I was an insufferable 13-year-old girl - don't blame me).
· She would break her promise if she read them.
· If she read them, she would do what everyone else wanted her to do, and as you know, she hates being told what to do.

After a long time of deep philosophizing (aka one day), she decided she would read them. What could be the worst thing to happen?

It turns out she loved the first book. Her reaction upon starting it was something like this:

After that, she wanted the next ones. She borrowed the books from his brothers and read them all up to the 5th one (those were the ones we had) in one week. She felt sorry for not doing it any sooner.


Yeah, I was and still am like that. I'm really glad I decided to read the books. I've just re-read this, and I can only say that it was even more awesome the second time around. All HP fans can agree with me on that.

They all have amazing plots, fantastic character development, writing that improves over the books, great story and wold building, etc. What else can I need?

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