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Review: Othello

Othello by William Shakespeare

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I think I have said many times by now that you don't fully appreciate a book until you read it for a second time. And I was right about this one. I hadn't realised that this book was a favorite of mine when I first read it because I had to read it for classes, and I've noted that books read for academic purposes (and read in high school) are often underestimated. This was mainly why I decided to re-read it. But I'm glad of my decision.

We all know what Othello is about, don't we? I mean, the exaggeratedly jealous man? Well, if you don't know what this book is about, then I don't know in what world you live in.

This is, so far, my favorite Shakespeare tragedy. It's not that I have read all of his works, but this one has remained my favorite for three years now. And it doesn't help that his language is so deliciously beautiful. His writing is what magnetizes me, if not the storyline.

But the plot in this one...I loved it. First, how Iago plans his little things, then how he makes Othello feel jealous, how he later confesses he was lying, and how he remains safe and sound (and villainous) in the end while everyone is grieving the deaths. Okay, I realise I'm not really commenting on the plot itself but on Iago.

Let's all hail Shakespeare for creating such a villain. I just can't. He's my favorite character in the play. Yes, he made Othello fall, but he's so well constructed I could not care. Besides, I found Othello to be annoying most of the time.

Jealousy blinds us. This is not something new, and I know this is not the first time you ever hear this. Jealousy is what brings Othello to his end. Blind panic also makes us do actions that you would regret doing if you were on your right mind. Every emotion in extreme has bad consequences. Even Iago's actions were product of blind feelings, but in this case, we learn, through Othello, about how jealousy can make you a fool. Better to live isolated from the world so you only have to worry about yourself.

Just kidding.

Read this. It's marvelous.

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