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Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once upon a time, there were YA books in which the protagonist was a strong female. The Hunger Games is that kind of book.

I remember, back then, when I was fourteen, that I totally fangirled over this book. I remember I loved it so much that i said it was the best book ever written. Not that I don't think anymore that it is good, but, umm, well, it's not "the best book ever written".

I think this was my first book that got me days and nights thinking about it. Everything is good in it.

I really love Katniss. I think she is my favorite female protagonist. She's strong, brave, fierce and she's protective over her little sister. Once for all, the elder sister is not presented as a wicked person, but instead as an example to follow.

The concept it illustrates is very interesting. Back when I first read it, in my History class, we were studying Rome, so that increased my interest. Well, just by the description of the book and that I've just said, you can guess that it is like a modern version of gladiators that fought at the Coliseum.

I know the idea is cruel, but I think the message in the book is clear: The media manipulates people. They, providing people with entertainment, make them forget they are being ruled by a tirant. It can be explained with the quote "Panem et circenses". You don't know what it means? It means "bread and circus". The elite provided the people with entertainment and food if they gave their responsibilities to the people in charge of the society.

Anyway, I'll leave this here. My recommendation is that you read it before you watch the movie, but it's probable you've already done it. It's probable too that you've either read the book or promised that you will never read it, and that would make this review completely useless, but I just thought it good to write one, since I liked it so much. It doesn't hurt to express my opinion. 

The end.

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